Jennifer Castle Announces New Album Out May

Canadian singer-songwriter, Jennifer Castle, announced that her next album Angels of Death, will be out May 18 on Bachelors of Paradise in the U.S. and Idée Fixe in Canada. Along with the album announcement, Castle also released the album’s lead single, “Crying Shame.”

Angels of Death cover art, courtesy of artist. 

On writing the lyrics and discussing the lead single, Castle described in a press release how death is a huge factor and motivator for her songwriting process:

“The fictional concept of death rears its head in so many of my songs, always on the periphery, or as a side note, or a reminder, a punchline or the bottom line, always sniffing around like a death dog. For once I wanted to try to put it in my center vision,” she said.


Angels of Death Tracklist:
1. Tomorrow’s Mourning
2. Crying Shame
3. Texas
4. Angels of Death
5. ‘We Always Change’ Reprise Pt. 1
6. Rose Waterfalls
7.Grim Reaper
8. Stars of Milk
9. Tonight the Evening
10. ‘We Always Change’ Reprise Pt. 2


-By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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