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Hell on the Dance Floor: ‘Climax’ Review

Dancing and drugs go hand in hand like steak and wine. In order to truly enjoy one, it’s best to pair it with the other.

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Cuando en Roma, a Film Review


At its very core, Roma is a simple film. The film follows the life of a house worker named Cleo, played by Yalitza Aparicio, who is employed by a middle class family living in the suburb of Roma in Mexico City. Set in the early seventies, the narrative portrays an honest depiction of the life of a woman working a domestic job that is commonly frowned upon during a politically challenging time in Mexican history.

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Plaza Classic Film Festival Returns For 11th Year

In 2000, the iconic Plaza Theatre began restoration setting up the 2008 creation of a film festival named, The Movies Return To The Plaza Theatre. This was the inception the Plaza Classic Film Festival. The PCFF has drawn over 400,000 film fanatics in its eleven year existence featuring appearances from legends of film such as Al Pacino,  Debbie Reynolds, Rita Moreno, Richard Dreyfuss, Eva Marie Saint, Kathleen Turner, Tippi Hedren, Robert Wagner, Cindy Williams, Don Bluth, among others.

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‘Sorry to Bother You,’ Review

Sorry to Bother You left me at a loss for words and, from the looks of Audience Scores on Rotten Tomatoes, so has it left its audiences. This film interrupts the common movie going experience both figuratively and literally. It’s almost as if the film is sorry to bother the steady stream of digestible content to communicate to the world that there are realistic problems the filmmaker would like to address.

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Holy Ghost! Releases Crime Cutz Film Online, Following Its Premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

The New York City duo, Holy Ghost! has released a 17-minute, four-part documentary called Crime Cutz, which had its world premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. The documentary was directed by Ben Fries and Alden Nusser, and spotlights various subjects from NYC’s past, present and future.

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Unconventionally, ‘Unsane’

Filmmakers know that one of the hardest genres to work with is suspense. Suspense forces writers and directors to create an atmosphere that will allow their audiences to feel what the protagonist is feeling without coming off as cheesy and contrived. Steven Soderbergh’s, Unsane (2018), creatively takes viewers into a world of paranoia where the anxieties of online stalking and metal institutions come out to play.

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