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Journalist By Day, Musician By Night: An Interview with Ziemba

René Kladzyk, known more commonly in the music world as Ziemba, just released the pop album made to cry and laugh with you. In an interview, the El Paso originated artist discussed the sincerity in the heartbreak pop trope her latest album exhibits, working as a journalist and covering a sexual assault scandal in her local music scene, and how the loss of her father affected True Romantic.

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From Réunion to Brooklyn: An Interview with Natie

Nathalie Barret-Mas—better known as Natie—is a violinist, vocalist and producer whose musical style is as diverse as her background: mixing R&B, Electronic, World music, and more, in order to connect with people from different cultures. Natie has gone through a wide range of performances, from competing in Afropunk’s Battle of the Bands to performing alongside Beyoncé and Jay-Z on their On The Run II world tour.

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The Districts’ ‘You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere’ Album Review

Coming off nearly two years of teaser tracks that hinted at a more vibrant and indie pop-sound, Philadelphia native band The Districts delivered You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere on Fat Possum Records, a record that is intimate, quaint, and often heartbreaking.

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Wargirl’s ‘Dancing Gold’, Album Review

From Afro-Punk, to funk, to disco, garage rock, and a slight tint of psychedelia, Wargirl effortlessly mixes these genres and craft a sound that is uniquely their own. The six piece released their latest album, Dancing Gold, at the end of May which they recorded at Clouds Hill in Hamburg Germany.

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Creating Love & Safe Spaces: An Interview with Amo Amo

L.A. pysch band Amo Amo is a group of friends that came through jam sessions. Unlike most friend jam sessions though, Amo Amo’s destiny was fulfilled when My Morning Jacket’s Jim James heard them and fell in love with their sound. Today their EP, Canta, is out.

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