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Tenderpunk Pioneer: illuminati hotties’ Sarah Tudzin on Her Debut Album

Sarah Tudzin, or illuminati hotties, released one of the most tender debut albums of 2018 so far, Kiss Yr Frenemies. The album is track to track, nonstop, contrasting punk riffs and gentle warm vocals.

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Floating Features, La Luz On Their Latest Album

The L.A./Seattle band, La Luz have garnered large audiences through playing psychedelic surf pop rock sound. They are smack in the middle of a tour promoting their third album, Floating Features. Their music can expel all the stress from your body one guitar riff at a time and their latest album was no exception.

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Podcasts, Parents, And A New Netflix Special: An Interview With Hari Kondabolu

“This mic kills fascists,” reads the tagline on Hari Kondabolu’s new special now out on Netflix, Warn Your Relatives. It is just the commentary we all needed right now. In a politicized era where almost any topic and any comment is being evaluated under a political microscope, Kondabolu gives us an hour that is not pedantic but just a self-deprecating recounting of a comedian of color’s experience in 2018 U.S.A.

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The Kitten Come Back, An Interview With Chloe Chaidez

Kitten is an electrifying pop act that has made big splashes time and time again but for some reason has not become the stronghold in the genre yet. While that may be due to the lineup changes the band has seen, it can be said it is definitely not because of the band’s leader Chloe Chaidez. Chaidez’s vocals and energy are the punch that all Kitten releases have thrived on.

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Harrison Lipton, ‘Loveliness’ Review

Brooklyn based artist Harrison Lipton is here with a new LP entitled Loveliness. Harrison Lipton sets out as a multi-instrumentalist to show off his amazing ability to create a lasting and mostly coherent record. Sitting at 10 tracks long, the album is a calm and melancholy listen in its whole. The whole record sits in a world that is submerged in a carefree and stress relieving world.

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