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Club Night, ‘What Life’ Review

It becomes difficult to point out the standouts in the track listing due to the fact that each song on the album is split into sub-songs of their own, however, never taking advantage of the time they are given, Club Night fills each corner of the time they are given with beautiful instrumentation and lovely vocals to accompany.

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PUP’s ‘Morbid Stuff’ Album Review

Canadian emo/pop-punk band, PUP, have released their third full length album titled Morbid Stuff, a title that more than describes this album as a whole. Within the opening moments of the album, PUP delivers a lyrically angst filled with ridiculously dark and somewhat humorous situations the protagonist gets involved in.

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Maya Stoner’s ‘Gray Pop’ is a Product of Love and Resilience: An Interview

Maya Stoner is the musician creating gray pop. Her dark lo-fi sounds mix with her poignant and personal lyrics to create music that serves as a catharsis from toxic relationships and sexual assault. She embodies the DIY spirit, helping run Good Cheer Records, a music label out of Portland, OR, and is a college student on top of the music career.

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The Mythical Tale of ‘Guava Island’ & How the People Won Their Day

A master of the rise, Guava Island illustrates just what Donald Glover has been continuously striving to communicate to his fellow dreamers to keep fighting for their dreams by using himself, his music, and his culture to convey this message.

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Pokemon, Fama, y Siendo Queer: Una Entrevista con (me llamo) Sebastian

Sebastian Sotomayor, mas bien conocido como (ma llamo) Sebastian, es el artista queer chileno que acaba de terminar gira en los EE.UU. Pero Sebastian y su música superan los prejuicios. En una entrevista exclusiva, Sebastian platica sobre su vida y el inicio de su carrera, su adoración para Pokemon, las acusaciones de acoso sexual contra el ex guitarrista de su banda, y mucho mas.

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