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Vinilos Por Mayor: Vinilo en Chile

Vinilos Por Mayor, es uno de las disquerias in Santiago de Chile que ejemplifica como el vinilo en Chile representa no solo la nostalgia de los tiempos pasados, sino también la resistencia y la subsistencia. Su colección electiva que incluye todo de Soda Stereo a Iron Maiden y mucho mas, muestra el espíritu ecléctico del vinilo y la gente en Chile. 

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Cuando en Roma, a Film Review


At its very core, Roma is a simple film. The film follows the life of a house worker named Cleo, played by Yalitza Aparicio, who is employed by a middle class family living in the suburb of Roma in Mexico City. Set in the early seventies, the narrative portrays an honest depiction of the life of a woman working a domestic job that is commonly frowned upon during a politically challenging time in Mexican history.

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Natalie Scenters-Zapico Returns to Alma Mater for Borderland Homecoming

Natalie Scenters-Zapico is an El Pasoan and fronteriza through and through, and today she returns for a reading that marks the prominence she has found in the literary world.

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Shannon Lay is a Rockin’ Heartbreaker Between Solo Work and Feels

Shannon Lay is among the handful of artists that have the capability to have you head banging and happy one track, and weeping the next. Her musical prominence was clear from the moment I heard her work in the punk band, Feels. But her solo album was worlds apart.

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“Stay Retro,” An Interview with Junks

Junks is a band based out of Hangzhou, China. Their music is a simultaneous blend of retro synth sounds that make you reminisce about the days in arcades, as well as futuristic tinges that will place you in another millennia. Their self-titled EP will be out this Friday, September 7th via Modern Sky Entertainment.

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Meet Navy Gangs, an Interview With a “Pretty Sick Pop Band”

The Navy Gangs is a Brooklyn based band, consisting of Matt Tillwick, Noah Kohll, Eric Carney, and Wilson Ford Keithline. Their album Poach, was released August 3rd and their rhythmic and catchy beats will leave you wanting more.

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