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Proper Print Shop: Satire, Beer Money, and Creating Access to Art

At midday the small shop appears to be a lackluster shop with bars in front of the windows across from a rec center and a large church. It’s when the letters light up at night reading “PROPER PRINT SHOP” in bright rainbow colors to the sidewalk on the other side of Montana street that one recognizes the shop that has made it its mission to help young artists grow and be able to reach an audience.

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Bobby Cox – 55 Years of the Charcoaler

Bobby Cox3

The neon sign on Mesa Street that reads “Charcoaler Drive-In Restaurant” has been as iconic as the Star on the mountain in the El Paso night sky. Closing its doors for its last time on the 31st of January, it will be missed not only for its delicious burgers but for all the memories that so many generations of El Pasoans have made there.

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