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Holy Wave Q&A On New Album: “It’s For Mad Ones Only”

Garage-psych rockers, Holy Wave, have their next album Adult Fear which is out March 30 via The Reverberation Appreciation Society. The Austin based band, originally from El Paso, have been working on this album for a while and have toured all over the world since their last release in 2016.

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Relationship Music, Kid Evo’s First Tour: Goodbye Liana

Kid Evo, a 23-year-old, aspiring musician has the momentum for his first tour across tour. His realistic lyrics in his album, Goodbye Liana, gives his audience the relatability they need with life experiences such as the ups and downs of relationships. The San Marcos native discussed with Con Safos Magazine, his ambitions, life experiences, and his growing love for the people who have supported him in his vision.

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