Matt Karmil Shares New Single

UK producer and engineer, Matt Karmil, will release his new album STS371 on March 27th via Smalltown Supersound while his new single “210” is out now.

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Self-Introspection & Biculturalism: Entrevista Bilingüe con Electro-Pop Estrella, KORDELYA

KORDELYA’s music matches her lifestyle: she’s bridging gaps and uniting borders both in the soundscapes of her music and the audiences in her home countries of Mexico and the United States. With her debut album, Mal Hecha, out now, the electro-pop star has made a boisterous arrival everyone should heed.

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Posponen Festival Tecate Pa’l Norte por Coronavirus

Organizadores del festival norteño anunciaron a través de sus redes sociales el pasado sabado de la postergación del evento hasta el proximo semestre. El festival fue aplazado como prevención por la pandemia del COVID-19. 

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