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The Districts’ ‘You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere’ Album Review

Coming off nearly two years of teaser tracks that hinted at a more vibrant and indie pop-sound, Philadelphia native band The Districts delivered You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere on Fat Possum Records, a record that is intimate, quaint, and often heartbreaking.

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Wargirl’s ‘Dancing Gold’, Album Review

From Afro-Punk, to funk, to disco, garage rock, and a slight tint of psychedelia, Wargirl effortlessly mixes these genres and craft a sound that is uniquely their own. The six piece released their latest album, Dancing Gold, at the end of May which they recorded at Clouds Hill in Hamburg Germany.

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The Strokes’ ‘The New Abnormal’ Album Review

While not ground breaking or completely revolutionary in the rock genre, The New Abnormal shines as The Strokes’ best effort in more than a decade and offers a stark reminder of why we fell in love with them seventeen years ago when Room On Fire graced our CD and cassette players.

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M. Ward’s ‘Migration Stories’ Album Review

 In such a strange time of world history, M. Ward’s ninth full LP Migration Stories, out now via ANTI-, finds its way to present soothing soundscapes and impressive instrument writing. Throughout the 11 track album, M. Ward presents songs that ring from his tried and true methods of songs.

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Machine Girl’s ‘U-Void Synthesizer’ Album Review

Machine Girl strikes again with their latest independent release U-Void Synthesizer. While their last album, The Ugly Art (released in October 2018), served as the pinnacle of their electronic hardcore sound, U-Void Synthesizer is a brutal onslaught of electronic chaos that throws the listener into a dance-crazed descent with its wicked instrumental composition mixed with metal, grind, and electro-punk genres.

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