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Ezra Furman Announces Fall Dates

Singer-songwriter Eztra Furman, announced tour dates for his seventh album Transangelic Exodus, beginning in early October. With some dates already scheduled for the ending of July, the entirety of the tour will run from July 28th in Chicago to December 13th in San Francisco featuring support from Omni.

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Floating Features, La Luz On Their Latest Album

The L.A./Seattle band, La Luz have garnered large audiences through playing psychedelic surf pop rock sound. They are smack in the middle of a tour promoting their third album, Floating Features. Their music can expel all the stress from your body one guitar riff at a time and their latest album was no exception.

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Shannon Lay Shares New Song From Live Session, Extends U.S. Tour

Shannon Lay, the lead guitarist from the punk band Feels, released her solo album Living Water. The record is also the inaugural record for Kevin Morby’s new imprint, Mare Records, which will be a part of Woodsist.

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Relationship Music, Kid Evo’s First Tour: Goodbye Liana

Kid Evo, a 23-year-old, aspiring musician has the momentum for his first tour across tour. His realistic lyrics in his album, Goodbye Liana, gives his audience the relatability they need with life experiences such as the ups and downs of relationships. The San Marcos native discussed with Con Safos Magazine, his ambitions, life experiences, and his growing love for the people who have supported him in his vision.

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Alex Lahey Releases Music Video, Tour Dates With Jimmy Eat World

The 25 year-old Australian alternative rocker, Alex Lahey, released the music video for the self-titled track “I Love You Like A Brother,” from her debut album. The video is an ode sibling camaraderie and features clips of Lahey with her brother in their childhood as well as spending time eating ice cream, drinking beer, in a record store, and in an arcade.

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Aparna Nancherla Announces New Tour Dates

After seemingly appearing in every great comedy on TV, Aparna Nancherla has announced a new tour, “It’s Me Again: An Aparna Nancherla Tour.” Nancherla just finished the first season Comedy Central’s freshly cynical comedy, Corporate, on which she plays a human resources manager.

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