Vexxed Announced Debut EP

The newest Philly born band, Vexxed, has announced their debut EP, Thank You Sooo Much, will be out May 4 via Rare MP3sThe band consisting of Max Steen, Zach Sewall, and Lucy Stone. They also released the track and video, “Heavens Away Team,” from the EP.

Sewall and Steen met at the age of five at Hebrew School. After growing apart, they reunited in 2014, Sewall introducing Steen to Stone to offer him a room in her North Philadelphia apartment. From there, the trio began playing music and bonding over their love for the Affliction clothing brand and the Travel Channel’s, Ghost Adventures. It was from this show that the band actually got its name.

This upcoming EP was mostly written while the trio were snowed in. “The songs are a result of a blizzard,” Steen said in a press release.

Vexxed Cover Art

Thank You Sooo Much Track Listing:
1. Mood Ring
2. Heavens Away Team
3. Prince of Darkness
4. Yr the Only One
5. Gimmie The Money

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca


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