Sam Evian Shares Single From Sophomore Album

Sam Evian, the Brooklyn based musician, is set to release his sophomore album, You, Forever, on June 1st via Saddle Creek. He released the opening track from the upcoming album, “IDGAF.” From the album’s title, Evian sets the theme for the album shifting to more romantic themes.

The track “IDGAF” came to Evian during a sleepless night, he said in a press release:

“I’ve always been a night owl, but lately that tendency has led me down the path of full-on insomnia. The insomnia is exacerbated by screen time, media time, coffee time, and time, in general. In bed, my insecurities linger and the kaleidoscope of anxiety starts to pull me into a strange, trance-like state. ‘IDGAF’ is one of my 5am songs. Sometimes when I’m deep in the well of non-sleep, I get up and write.”

Sam Evian’s band consists of bassist Brian Betancourt, drummer Austin Vaughn, guitarist Adam Brisbin, and backup vocalist Hannah Cohen.

You, Forever Artwork

You, Forever Tracklist:

2. Where Did You Go
3. Health Machine
4. Anybody
5. Apple
6. Country
7. Next To You
8. Summer Feel
9. Now I Feel It
10. You, Forever
11. Katie’s Rhodes
By Antonio Villasenor-Baca


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