Parker Millsap, ‘Other Arrangements’ Review

Country singer and Purcell, Oklahoma native, Parker Millsap returns to the music scene with his fourth solo record entitled, Other Arrangements. Impressive to this record is the influences that Millsap pulls in from so many other genres to help craft his own unique sound, but never quite loses sight of the country or Americana label.

New to Millsap’s record is the addition of new instruments as well as electric instruments. For example, “Fine Line” brings in crunchy distorted guitars and a different chord progression and “Singing to Me” brings a sweet violin that accompanies Millsap’s melodies and dramatically helps sell the mode this song is trying to craft. Album title-track “Other Arrangements” calls to the forefront the aforementioned distorted guitar
and other instruments to fill the idea of frustration and a slight McCartney vocal delivery.

This is impressive as this is Parker Millsap’s first attempt to create a record with more pop and rock centered within his sound. The end result is an impressive twelve tracked LP. However, while these songs all have their shine, they tend to wrap up their party a little too soon. Most tracks on here clock in between the two to three and a half minute mark, resulting in not only a rapid listen, but also leaves the listener wanting just a little more from these great songs.

“Let A Little Light In” personifies this as its so fun and playful that by the time the track hits its climax, it packs up and leaves the listener just wanting one more verse or one more chorus. Parker Millsap’s fourth record is brought with new ideas and instrumentation to really change up the pace his career. With the occasional distorted and the sweet strings, Parker Millsap brings some creative and winning ideas to the table.

Millsap has his song writing down to an absolute science as most songs wrap up around the two-and- a-half to three minute mark. It’s a shame
some songs say farewell too soon, but maybe it’s the trick to get the listener to delve more into the music.

By Caleb Ortiz

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