Gareth Emery Hits TV & Releases Controversial TV Show, ‘We Are CVNT5’

British trance producer, Gareth Emery, has turned to TV. This week, Emery released eight episodes of the mockumentary We Are CVNT5, which follows global phenoms CVNT5. The show, which Emery has described as “The Office set in dance music,” faced numerous legal battles before finally being released.

The show began as what was really a joke by Emery until lVerizon offered $2.5 million to make it a real show.

And even then, the show faced a lot of controversy in a genre or section of the music industry that takes itself very seriously, Emery explained, saying “dance music isn’t a place you’re usually allowed to laugh at anyone. We’ve had numerous legal struggles where people tried to ban the show and get it taken off the air – it’s a miracle it’s finally been released.”

However, while it is available to those in the United States now for free, Emery warns it may not be available for long.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 1.41.17 am
Photo still from the show, courtesy of the artist 

“Much of it is based on my own real experiences and real people. I doubt it’ll be on the air beyond a few months so enjoy it whilst it lasts,” Emery said.

The show was directed by Emmy-nominated director Matt Enlow, and was co-created by Gareth and his sister, Roxanne.

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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