NoTeVaGustar Shares First Single from Audiovisual Album Featuring Julieta Venegas

Uruguayan band, NoTeVaGustar (NTVG) released the first single from their audiovisual piece, “Chau,” featuring Julieta Venegas. The song comes from their upcoming album, Otras Canciones, which is coming up to celebrate 25 years together.

The heartfelt rendition of “Chau” with Venegas serves as the first of the many acoustic renditions the album will consist of, highlighting tracks that they felt were essential to their discography but do not receive as much attention in their shows.

Foto -Marcos Mezzottoni
Julieta Venegas with NGTV. 

The audiovisual and live album were recorded last December 19 and 20 in the Hugo Balzo room in Montevideo. The album was produced by Héctor Castillo (Bowie, Lou Reed, Cerati, Fabulosos Cadillacs), who has previously worked with the band in the album, Suenan Las Alarmas, while the video was filmed by Pardelion.

The album will also feature artists such as Robi, Draco Rosa, Jorge Drexler, Flor de Toloache, Catalina García (Monsieur Periné) and Hugo Fattoruso.

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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