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Wargirl’s ‘Dancing Gold’, Album Review

From Afro-Punk, to funk, to disco, garage rock, and a slight tint of psychedelia, Wargirl effortlessly mixes these genres and craft a sound that is uniquely their own. The six piece released their latest album, Dancing Gold, at the end of May which they recorded at Clouds Hill in Hamburg Germany.

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Estereomance Habla de Su Nueva Música

Estereomance es un grupo musical de reciente creación en El Paso, Texas, mas sin embargo, cuentan con un amplio repertorio musical en el genero Soul Pop, y acaban de compartir su primer disco. .

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Creating Love & Safe Spaces: An Interview with Amo Amo

L.A. pysch band Amo Amo is a group of friends that came through jam sessions. Unlike most friend jam sessions though, Amo Amo’s destiny was fulfilled when My Morning Jacket’s Jim James heard them and fell in love with their sound. Today their EP, Canta, is out.

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SCANDAL drummer, RINA, Takes Over JPU Records Monthly Playlist

RINA, drummer of legendary pop-rock band SCANDAL, is the musical mind behind this month’s iteration of JPU Records Monthly playlist and she featured some of her favorite hits from Japan songs such as Every Little Thing’s “Fundamental Love” and iri’s “Favorite Joshi”.

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Cariño Comparte Nuevo Sencillo ‘Brillante’

Cariño are back with their latest song, “Te Brillan”, following their big hit “:( (Carita Triste) and marks the wait for their forthcoming album which is set for release in 2021. The band is Maria Talaverano, Alicia Ros, and Paola Rivero.

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