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GØGGS ‘Pre-Strike Sweep,’ Album Review

“GØGGS’ second album, “Pre-Strike Sweep” is a retro throwback to how garage rock
used to be.”

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Rich Jones Announces New Album Releases “Coin Toss”

The Chicago artist Rich Jones has announced his album, The Shoulder You Lean On, will be out November 2nd. Jones continues to grow as an artist and build on the momentum after being voted the second best rapper in Chicago by the Chicago Reader in 2016 behind Chance the Rapper.

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Grapetooth Announce Debut Album

Meet Grapetooth, the newest Chicago duo of Chris Bailoni and Clay Frankel. Their debut, self-titled album will be out November 9th via Polyvinyl Record Co. The duo are “the two friends were sharing an apartment, along with a growing fondness for red wine, bad weather, and the music of Yukihiro Takahashi” that became a band.

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Natalie Scenters-Zapico Returns to Alma Mater for Borderland Homecoming

Natalie Scenters-Zapico is an El Pasoan and fronteriza through and through, and today she returns for a reading that marks the prominence she has found in the literary world.

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