Bad Bunny Regresa Con Otra Emo/Sadgirl Canción Perfecta para San Valentín

El Conejo Malo is back. Though a lot of people thought or more so hoped his sophomore album would be out on Valentine’s Day (since his debut X100PRE dropped days before Christmas of 2018), he said the album is coming soon and released “Ignorantes” with Panamanian musica urbana star, Sech.

The single is also accompanied by a video. Bad Bunny videos are famous for being cryptic and adding completely new layers of meaning to his already very poetically loaded and meaningful songs. This video, echoes and puts heartbreaking visuals to a song about looking back on a love lost, trying to figure out why something so perfect didn’t work.

The video was directed by Cliqua and Stillz, produced by Paranoiia, Nick Bupp was director of photography, and featured Victoria Villaroel, Sofia Villaroel, Karlito, Chenelle Delgadillo, Yasira Ayala, Eugenia Gamero, Patricia Garate, Ana Sting, and Babriela Ulloa.

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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