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New Helms Alee Album Out This Friday

Helms Alee are set to release their latest album, Noctiluca, this Friday April 26th via Sargent House. The band will also embark on tour this summer with Earth this summer and a couple of dates with the Melvins.

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New Aterciopelados Video is Eccentric & Colorful

The iconic Colombian band, Aterciopelados, have released a collaboration with renown Colombian photographer, Ruvan Afanador. The video for “Tu Amor Es,” was an impromptu experience in Bogota with Afanador who has photographed people like Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Bjork, and others.

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The NTVG Audiovisual Album is Out Now

The Uruguayan band, NoTeVaGustar, released their audiovisual album, Otras Canciones. The album spans over the band’s whole career, celebrating 25 years together and features artists such as Julieta Venegas, Jorge Drexler, Draco Rosa, Catalina García (Monsieur Periné), Flor de Toloache and Hugo Fattoruso.

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NoTeVaGustar Shares First Single from Audiovisual Album Featuring Julieta Venegas

Uruguayan band, NoTeVaGustar (NTVG) released the first single from their audiovisual piece, “Chau,” featuring Julieta Venegas. The song comes from their upcoming album, Otras Canciones, which is coming up to celebrate 25 years together.

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Maya Stoner’s ‘Gray Pop’ is a Product of Love and Resilience: An Interview

Maya Stoner is the musician creating gray pop. Her dark lo-fi sounds mix with her poignant and personal lyrics to create music that serves as a catharsis from toxic relationships and sexual assault. She embodies the DIY spirit, helping run Good Cheer Records, a music label out of Portland, OR, and is a college student on top of the music career.

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