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Jane Weaver’s “The Silver Globe” Is Being Reissued

Four years after its initial release, Jane Weaver’s eccentric conceptual gem, The Silver Globe, is being reissued via Fire Records. The reissue will be available November 9th.

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Shannon Lay is a Rockin’ Heartbreaker Between Solo Work and Feels

Shannon Lay is among the handful of artists that have the capability to have you head banging and happy one track, and weeping the next. Her musical prominence was clear from the moment I heard her work in the punk band, Feels. But her solo album was worlds apart.

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Alien Boy: The Band Creating a Space For Young Queer People

Alien Boy is the loud gay band from the City of Roses, Portland, and they’re hitting the road for their North American Tour following the recent hometown album release party for the group’s debut LP, Sleeping Lessons.

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Pastel Ghost Announces New Album, Shares Single

Pastel Ghost’s second album, Ethereality, will be out October 5th via Cleopatra Records. She will celebrate the release of her album with a release party in Austin, TX, were she is currently based out of, on the day of release.

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“Stay Retro,” An Interview with Junks

Junks is a band based out of Hangzhou, China. Their music is a simultaneous blend of retro synth sounds that make you reminisce about the days in arcades, as well as futuristic tinges that will place you in another millennia. Their self-titled EP will be out this Friday, September 7th via Modern Sky Entertainment.

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