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Strangers And Relationships: New Ramona Flowers Album

The five-piece electro-indie band from Bristol is back with a new album. Strangers will be released May 18, bringing back their electronic punkish sounds that are submerged in their indie acoustic chords.

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Christin Apodaca, The Queen Of Black And White

The boldness in the lines that frame and devise her portraits and paintings are the same boldness that Christin Apodaca is made up of herself. The artist known for her distorted figures and the black and white world she’s wrought to life is the same person that is blazing trails for the next painters, and women in the El Paso artistic boom.

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Defining the Borderland: Meet Dulce Mal

A new band is rising on the border with their soft reggae sounds that turn into danceable cumbias. Dulce Mal is a band that brings what it means to be a band along the U.S.-Mexico border, sharing both cultures.

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The International Transatlantic Love Story Of Danish/Brazilian Garage Band, The Courettes

Networking, a small tour in Brazil, and back-and-forth flights from Brazil to Denmark is the quick overview of the love story between Flavia and Martin Couri. The garage sensation taking over Europe is more than just a talented duo playing music; the Courettes are also the husband and wife team that balance between head-banging shows and raising a child. Now they tour and celebrate the release of their latest album, ‘We Are The Courettes!’

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Margaritas And Music On The Border: BOYTOY Is Back With A New Album

The punk rockers, BOYTOY are back with their album, Night Leaf, which is out April 27 on PaperCup Music.  The girl group writing music for the love of writing music. There’s no hidden agenda. Their music is authentic and it radiates through the riffs of every song. BOYTOY fits the punk aesthetic because they’re raw and to the point. The new album looks to stick to the mantra of “be yourself.”

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