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Machine Girl’s ‘U-Void Synthesizer’ Album Review

Machine Girl strikes again with their latest independent release U-Void Synthesizer. While their last album, The Ugly Art (released in October 2018), served as the pinnacle of their electronic hardcore sound, U-Void Synthesizer is a brutal onslaught of electronic chaos that throws the listener into a dance-crazed descent with its wicked instrumental composition mixed with metal, grind, and electro-punk genres.

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Grimes ‘Miss Anthropocene’ Album Review

Grimes’ fifth album, Miss Anthropocene, is out via 4AD. The ten track work shines through as Grimes’ experimentation with music comes to fruition and establishes itself as its own memorable album apart from Art Angels and Oblivion.

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Shannon Lay @ The Monarch 7.23.18

Shannon Lay has risen to fame as a member of the band, Feels. But her heavy, building-shaking riffs also have a soft side. Lay’s solo work has made listeners far and wide come to calm and tears with simple and soft melodies. She ended summer with tour dates with indie artist, Dent May, including a stop in El Paso, TX at The Monarch.

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