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The Strokes’ ‘The New Abnormal’ Album Review

While not ground breaking or completely revolutionary in the rock genre, The New Abnormal shines as The Strokes’ best effort in more than a decade and offers a stark reminder of why we fell in love with them seventeen years ago when Room On Fire graced our CD and cassette players.

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M. Ward’s ‘Migration Stories’ Album Review

 In such a strange time of world history, M. Ward’s ninth full LP Migration Stories, out now via ANTI-, finds its way to present soothing soundscapes and impressive instrument writing. Throughout the 11 track album, M. Ward presents songs that ring from his tried and true methods of songs.

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Wasted Shirt’s ‘Fungus II’ Album Review

Terrific song structure, passion for songwriting, and expert instrumentation are the stars of Wasted Shirt’s debut record. Despite some repetition problems on some tracks, every song is more than capable to draw awe and wonder from the amazing drum riffs being delivered by Chippendale and Segall’s increasingly impressive ability to put another project under his belt.

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Forever’s ‘Close to the Flame’ EP Review

Valentine’s Day 2020 came with a gift in the form of Forever aka June Moon’s latest EP release titled: Close to The Flame. With only six songs on this EP, Moon treats us to a 22 minute journey that boasts of dreamy synthesizers, lo-fi-esque hip-hop beats, and Moon’s vocals.

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Tame Impala’s ‘The Slow Rush’ Album Review

Following the five years since the last release, one had to wonder if Kevin Parker could manage to follow up Currents in a way that is true to him and the music that has come before. Miraculously, The Slow Rush is an album that fires on all cylinders and is an absolute blast.

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