Wargirl’s ‘Dancing Gold’, Album Review

From Afro-Punk, to funk, to disco, garage rock, and a slight tint of psychedelia, Wargirl effortlessly mixes these genres and craft a sound that is uniquely their own. The six piece released their latest album, Dancing Gold, at the end of May which they recorded at Clouds Hill in Hamburg Germany.

More than that, Dancing Gold is a terrific album from start to finish with tracks that boast confident performances, fun and engaging instrumentation, witty songwriting, and enough attitude to carry itself as one of the year’s best albums. 

Right off the bat, “Drive” opens with a mixture of genres. From the Macarena-like synth setting stage, a fuzzy guitar setting a funky atmosphere, and the reverb vocals presenting a more psychedelic side, Wargirl lets the listener know that what doesn’t look good on paper is something that this group is going to pull off in spades throughout the ten track run time.

Titular track “Dancing Gold” packs an attitude that is effortlessly cool as its set to the backdrop of a driving but catchy bass line. It strikes a balance between great garage rock and a more glitzy disco sound. “2069” serves as one of the many album highlights with an infectious whistle melody and the funky disco delivery of the tune.“Don’t Bring Me Down” brings a confident swagger tune into the track listing that only climbs in terms of quality as the song goes on.

“Whatcha Say” starts off with a guitar riff that Dan Auerbach would be immensely proud of and then introduces 70’s funk before leading into the mostly funk-led, “I Told Ya.” Album closer “Cry” introduces a more surf rock sound. Throughout thirty-four minute listen of the album several surprises are left to uncover, leading to the listen never feeling draining or exhausting.

The best compliment to lend this album is the fact that each track brings a sense of enthusiasm and mission to make the best of every second it has. No song truly feels like filler and every instrument choice feels deliberately purposeful to create some of 2020’s best songs. Dancing Gold is an album that is confident in its execution and that delivers all around.

By Caleb Ortiz

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