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Creating Love & Safe Spaces: An Interview with Amo Amo

L.A. pysch band Amo Amo is a group of friends that came through jam sessions. Unlike most friend jam sessions though, Amo Amo’s destiny was fulfilled when My Morning Jacket’s Jim James heard them and fell in love with their sound. Today their EP, Canta, is out.

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Don’t Encourage the Primos: Interview with Los Cumpleaños

Los Cumpleaños are the band from Brooklyn that’s eclectic as their futuristic avant-garde electro Bullerengue music. They can only be described as friendly if not fun. Genuine music enthusiasts, the small sample size of music they’ve released so far shows that the only reason they wouldn’t run up to you to say “hi, primo!” is because they’re too busy jamming out.

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Favours Are the Post-Punk and New Wave Dynamic Duo

As a new wave of post punk music arrives to the mainstream radio, Toronto duo Favours, made up of Alex Zen and Jacqueline, have emerged. After the success of their single “Stowaway, their EP Made to Wait is set to be released in May 2020. 

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Le Butcherettes EP ‘DON’T BLEED’ Album Review

Teri Gender Bender bends gender and genre alike in this new EP, DON’T BLEED, out now via Rise Records. This EP is a fitting Valentine’s Day release, have strong motifs of love aimed in various directions carried by the most unique blends of sounds that Le Butcherettes have incorporated to date but still carrying those garage punk rock riffs you expect from this band.

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