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Pilots of Venus, ‘Lady Astronaut’ Album Review

It’s finally here. After so much anticipation in their hometown, and a impressive sold out album release show at the Lowbrow Palace in El Paso, Texas, Pilots of Venus have released their debut album entitled Lady Astronaut.  This is an impressive debut LP. Right from the opening seconds, Pilots of Venus essentially stomp as hard as possible on the gas and embark in break-neck speed trip through 90’s inspired alternative rock. Taking cues from Pixies, Nirvana, and punk rock in general, this nine-track list is incredibly astonishing as well as nostalgic in a sense.

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An Atmosphere of Welcome: Meet the Pilots of Venus

In a quaint and calm simple little house in the lower valley of El Paso, you will find a group of eclectic rockers hanging out; lead vocalist Joel Chavez will be playing with his dog and the Pilots of Venus’ unofficial mascot, Buzz Aldrin. The setting for their lives plays so perfectly into the creation of their music as it gives you a sense of nostalgia, makes you want to dance, makes you feel reflective if not hopeful and happy.

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