Pilots of Venus, ‘Lady Astronaut’ Album Review

It’s finally here. After so much anticipation in their hometown, and a impressive sold out album release show at the Lowbrow Palace in El Paso, Texas, Pilots of Venus have released their debut album entitled Lady Astronaut.  This is an impressive debut LP. Right from the opening seconds, Pilots of Venus essentially stomp as hard as possible on the gas and embark in break-neck speed trip through 90’s inspired alternative rock. Taking cues from Pixies, Nirvana, and punk rock in general, this nine-track list is incredibly astonishing as well as nostalgic in a sense.

Lady Astronaut Cover

It may take a mental reminder from time to time to really allow yourself to take in some air. The first 5 tracks really move ridiculously fast. It’s like dangerously speeding down a highway in a car that is falling apart. It’s such a fresh rush of adrenaline that is so expertly executed that it demands appreciation. Songs are crafted on here that it feels like the floor will give way any second. Thankfully, your Pilots are generous and occasionally slow down the tempo of songs just enough so catch your breath before exploding back in to the original tempo. “FOI” and title-track “Lady Astronaut” are prime examples of this execution. Both tracks are entirely unpredictable, but truly remarkable.

The second half of the record switches gears as it shows off instrumental techniques. “Panda Prom” is a moon-lit, punk waltz number while “Pictures on The Wall” is a Californian punk surf jam. “Pipe Dreams” is a nostalgic love letter to the Pixies before it explodes into a faster Ramones riff. “The Universe Cries In Your Memory” is an instrumental track that closes the album with beautifully melancholic melody that progressively adds more sounds and percussion before it takes a final bow and fades away into the night.

While the first half is a adrenaline rush that has its listener white-knuckling the steering wheel, the second half is a features a slower tempo that shows off instrumental techniques and the influences for the album. Reading this may seem like it’s two records packed into one, but the balancing of tones makes for a cohesive listen. For a debut record, this is phenomenal. It’s comes to show that Pilots of Venus had a clear vision of what they wanted their cosmic voyage to consist of.

By Caleb Ortiz

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