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Ziemba Shares New Single and Video from ‘True Romantic’

Ziemba, the project of El Paso singer/songwriter René Kladzyk, shared “Harbor Me”, the latest track from her forthcoming album True Romantic which will be out on September 25th via Sister Polygon. The song is accompanied by a video shot in downtown El Paso and directed by Stephanie Hinojosa.

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Best Albums of 2019

2019 is officially in the books and Con Safos Magazine enters its third year. With interviews and coverage of artists around the globe without borders, we thought it was time Con Safos made its first “Best of” list, and one that showed our music taste and focus on giving artists of every nation, genre, style, and sound some time in the spotlight.

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The Mythical Tale of ‘Guava Island’ & How the People Won Their Day

A master of the rise, Guava Island illustrates just what Donald Glover has been continuously striving to communicate to his fellow dreamers to keep fighting for their dreams by using himself, his music, and his culture to convey this message.

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