The Coathangers Headline Burger-A-GoGo Tour and Get Ready for Tour with Minus the Bear

The Atlanta native garage/punk rock band the Coathangers are at the top of the ticket for the Burger-A-Go-Go West Coast tour. This is the first year that the tour is hitting the road as a tour. The band also recently announced some tour dates with Minus the Bear.

The interview was done over email correspondence. The band consists of Minnie Coathanger (Meredith Franco), Crook Kid Coathanger (Julia Kugel), and Rusty Coathanger (Stephanie Luke).

Question: It’s been a little over a decade since the band was formed; described as having been put together initially as a joke, what has the last few years been like compared to the earlier period for the band? Has there been a shift in focus or are there different goals now?

Answer: So very much has changed over the past 10 Years! Every year we just progressively got more dedicated and serious about the band and touring and everything involved with just being in a band in general. It’s been a wild ride and worth every minute.

Q: Since its inception, especially in recent times, the political climate has greatly changed and not in a way that seems to align with the Coathangers political viewpoints. How was this impacted you and your music, if at all?

A: Politics OOOOF!!! We’ve always tried to be responsible about what we say as far as politics because at the end of the day we want people to form their political opinions. We have however definitely let people/our fans know our stance on what we personally believe and we have tried to incorporate those ideals into our songs without being too self-righteous.

Q: What is your individual and/or group purpose for your music? As in, some do it to make music, some for fame, etc. etc. Given the political overtones of your band name and individual stage names, do you have political aspirations for music?

A: Our purpose is to write what we wanna write, say what we feel needs to be said, and try to show young people, old people, no matter what their musical background or taste that it shouldn’t be “surprising “ or “special “ that women can play spastic rock n roll. Women have been playing and slaying the music world for decades and we are just honored we get to entertain and sometimes inspire other people to do and say what they feel they may not have been able to before. Music is serious because of what it means to us but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to take themselves so dang seriously…

Q: You released an EP very recently as well as a repress of ‘Nosebleed Weekend,’ what plans do you have in terms of music in the near future? New albums? And how did the upcoming tour with Minus the Bear come to be?

A: We have some new stuff on the horizon for sure! A lil somethin somethin comin Out later this year as well as we are writing new songs as we speak, lots of tours this year as well of course! And the Minus the Bear tour came about just thru our peeps including Suicide Squeeze Records. We are very excited bout that one!

BurgerFull V.1 - 2

Q: What does the Burger-A-GoGo Tour mean to you? A tour/festival with bands mostly consisting or at least led by women and that has been called in previous years as “celebrating girl punk,” is this new or different for you?

A: This tour is always a great time, always a pleasure to play with other women in rock.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about this festival?

A: Really looking forward to meeting the bands we don’t know and seeing the old pals we love play!

– By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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