‘Do Right,’ By Sugar Candy Mountain Review

Ash Reiter and Will Halsey of Sugar Candy Mountain have returned with the psychedelic sunshine pop that is Do Right. The 10 track LP is beautifully reminiscent of 60’s pop. Each song is a delicious slice of cake that explores the very different flavors of the psychedelic genre.

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Taking the time to explore each track is like becoming part of a lava lamp. Vocals are soft and flow very naturally, the percussion never completely sticks to a single routine, synthesizers create a kaleidoscope of different moods, while guitars help paint in smaller details.

“This Time Around,” presents a fuzz guitar or a brief orchestral string section that calls back to The Beatles efforts of Revolver while “Tidal Wave” is a playful melody with warm synthesizers and vocal gymnastics that are truly impressive. The song starts off mellow enough, but gradually picks up tempo to introduce welcome a change of pace. “Strickeen” really changes up the pace and it steps away from the psychedelic bubble to explore a mellow surf pop sound. “Do You Know The Place” introduces with some backing vocals that would make Brian Wilson smile.

The production on the album is worthy of praise as the record never sounds too polished nor entirely raw enough to displease your ears. Several risks are taken here, which is more than enough to warrant a smile and more than pleasant listen. Not every risk entirely pays off, but taking a look at the album as a whole shows that every song shines in its own way.

Do Right is ultimately a triumphant third record. The songs invite different sides of psychedelic pop while never adding in too much that songs feel bloated. Enough risks are taken here that offer several surprises throughout the ten tracks. While the majority of songs are mellow and slower in tempo, there’s enough instrumentation and vocal transitions that keeps listeners on their feet.

By Caleb Ortiz

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