Harrison Lipton, ‘Loveliness’ Review

Brooklyn based artist Harrison Lipton is here with a new LP entitled Loveliness. Harrison Lipton sets out as a multi-instrumentalist to show off his amazing ability to create a lasting and mostly coherent record. Sitting at 10 tracks long, the album is a calm and melancholy listen in its whole. The whole record sits in a world that is submerged in a carefree and stress relieving world.

Guitars, keys, and even percussion are drones out to create a more muted sound while Lipton’s vocals compliment the instrumentals in delivering very soft melodies. None of the tracks go past the four minute mark, showing that Harrison Lipton is confident in his songwriting abilities and that he knows how much of a song is enough before he moves on. Each song relaxes comfortably in its setting, knowing that their purpose is to offer an exit from the stresses of day to day annoyances.

If any song feels out of place, it has to be “Darlene.” Never amounting to a complete song, “Darlene” can be compared to “Ramona” by Beck. However, while “Ramona” was composed to offer an incomplete sound as a joke, “Darlene” just sounds of if time was up in the studio and stuck on the track listing. Despite this slight hiccup, the rest of the album is bright and vivid enough to float off with. Songs like “Pool” and “UFO” are constructed with slower paced instruments and missing in traditional song structure that are catchy.


Harrison Lipton crafts such a wonderfully relaxing album with beautiful melodies and bright instrumentation. Each song is a trip meant to soothe you in a little under four minutes before you set off to a new location. Despite one small bump in the road, the ten tracks will charm you and go off in directions that are unpredictable, but compliment other songs as a whole.

By Caleb Ortiz

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