Jeff Tweedy Announces New Album Out November

Jeff Tweedy, prolific singer, songwriter, and poet, has announced his solo album WARM will be out this November 30th via dBpm Records.

Along with the announcement of the album, the lead single “Some Birds” was released.

The album was recorded entirely in Tweedy’s Chicago studio, The Loft. And the liner notes, now available to read from the New Yorker, were written by George Saunders.

WARM album artwork. 

WARM Tracklist:
1. Bombs Above
2. Some Birds
3. Don’t Forget
4. How Hard it is for a Desert to Die
5. Let’s Go Rain
6. From Far Away
7. I Know What It’s Like
8. Having Been Is No Way To Be
9. The Red Brick
10. Warm (When The Sun Has Died)
11. How Will I Find You

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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