Tiny Ruins Share Video Ahead of New Album

The New Zealand band Tiny Ruins has shared the video for “Holograms,” one of the tracks off their upcoming album Olympic Girls which will be out February 1st via Ba Da Bing Records. Tiny Ruins consists of Hollie Fullbrook, Cass Basil, Alex Freer, and Tom Healy.

Fullbrook said about the song that, “Holograms is a conversation in a way, where one person posits the idea that technology will increasingly connect us. That we will not just be emotionally or mentally connected, but that our bodies will transcend physical and mortal bounds via technology. That we can bring someone back.”

Healy of the band produced the album in the same underground studio in which they recorded their album in 2014. The album will be out on Ba Da Bing Records in North America, Ursa Minor in New Zealand, Milk! Records in Australia, and Marathon Records in the UK and Europe.

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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