The Panamanian Rising Star, Cienfue Released a Mesmerizing English Debut Single

Cienfue, aka Camilo Navarro Quelquejeu, has released his English language debut, “Life in the Tropics.” The track comes from his upcoming album which will be his first ever in English. Cienfue’s unique sounds shows an eclectic blend of genre that create a true psychedelic tropical sensation.

“Life in the Tropics” single cover art. 

The song was written and produced by Cienfue. He explained about the track and the video that it “was influenced by “the Ayahuasca movement; ‘Life in the Tropics’ takes us on a psychedelic romp through the jungle. A significant Ayahuasca movement is happening right now where the shamans are leaving the jungles to awaken people to higher realms of consciousness and connection to the Earth.”

The video which was filmed in Panama, was directed by Anel Reyes Saldaña. Cienfue’s album is set for release later this year.

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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