Louise Lemón Announces Debut Album and New Single

Louise Lemón announced her debut album and accompanied the announcement with the release of the single, “Not Enough.” Her album, A Broken Heart is an Open Heart, will be out March 15th via Icons Creating Evil Art.

The single came with a video which Lemón says “signifies letting go. In contradiction to the lyrics, in the video I actually leave. I get help from some higher powers and find myself in a completely new situation, open for real love. We recorded it in California and there was a beautiful feeling that day that I really think we captured.”

A Broken Heart is an Open Heart, album artwork. 
A Broken Heart is an Open Heart Track Listing:
1. Sunlight
2. Montaña
3. Not Enough
4. Blurry Vision
5. Swimming in Sadness
6. Susceptible Soul
7. Cross
8. Honest Heart
9. Almond Milk
10. A Broken Heart is an Open Heart
By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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