Sumire Uesaka Upcoming Album Gets Physical Release in Europe and U.S.

Sumire Uesaka, the Japanese pop star and voice actress, is bringing her hit album NEO Propaganda to listeners across the globe with an international physical release.

Lead track, “NEO TOKYO SINGING” music video.

Sumire Uesaka’s latest album will be getting a physical release, on CD, in Europe and the U.S. via JPU Records on February 7.

The album will be released to stream everywhere on January 22, though some songs are already available to stream. The album, which features the pop-stars theme songs to anime like “Bon♡Kyu♡Bon wa Kare no Mono♡” (from Why the Hell are you Here, Teacher?!) and “last sparkle” (from POP TEAM EPIC TV Special), also features production work from NARASAKI and Japanese rock legend Kenji Ohtsuki.

NEO PROPAGANDA cover artwork.


01. Yokan (Extra Stage)
02. Bon ♡ Kyu ♡ Bon ♡ wa Kare no Mono ♡
03. Super Lu Bu Lu Bu Paradise!
04. Run Fast, Rasputin!
06. last sparkle
07. Goddess and Reaper 
08. Uesaka Dynamic
09. Theme of the Night Shift Warrior
10. Outermost -Super Natural Love-
11. SPY

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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