Green and Glass Releases Their New Album

Avant-pop Brooklyn based band, Green and Glass’ new album came out with their debut self-titled album this February 14th via 11A Records and is available for streaming.

On their single, “Gabriel”, the band shared that “it is about a figure that follows you around, absorbing some of what the world throws at you, like a hobbled guardian angel.

Slightly mysterious, and always in the peripheral, it depicts an avatar of the mundane and profound. A pastoral epic, with perhaps the broadest scope of any song on the record”. Their single Gabriel highlights the new spirit that can be felt in the album which is mysterious and complex yet simple.

Green and Glass album artwork.

Green and Glass Track Listing:

1. Green and Glass
2. 14 Hours
3. Black Hole
4. Sand
5. SMC
6. Another One
7. Good Enough For Some
8. Gabriel
9. Wash
10. Forward
11. Corona

By Marifer Venegas

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