Brandi Carlile is Your 2020 RSD Ambassador

Record Store Day 2020 is a little over a month away on April 18th. Following last year’s ambassadors, Pearl Jam, is Brandi Carlile. The Americana Grammy award winning singer/songwriter is a known vinyl enthusiast.

Official Brandi Carlile 2020 Ambassador seal.

Carlile reflected on her love for records saying “when I started playing guitar and writing songs in my bedroom I would daydream about making albums that a person might stumble across by flipping through the alphabetically organized bins at the record store. They’d see The Cars, then Belinda Carlisle, then there I’d be…just waiting to be noticed by a proper music fan out for a day of discovery. Maybe if I had a cool enough shirt on or just the right font they’d pick up my album and take it home.

We’ve covered every square inch of this country and visited damn near every record store it has to offer and I still believe these places are the heart and soul of American music.”

While we wait for the long list of RSD releases, Carlile’s ambassador announcement on RSD’s website gives you a peek into her own vinyl collection.

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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