Legendary Soda Stereo Say Final Goodbye to Tijuana

Soda Stereo, one of the most important bands not just from Latin-America but the whole world, will give their final farewell to Tijuana with a performance featuring several guests live and in pre-recorded videos like Coldplay’s Christ Martin to Julieta Venegas to the Benito Cerati, son of the band’s original Gustavo Cerati, alongside surviving members Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti.

Courtesy of the Music Joint.

The show in Tijuana, BC, MX, for this tour will be in the Estadio Caliente. The tour started in Colombia this past weekend and serves as a tribute to late frontman, Gustavo Cerati.

Cerati and Soda Estereo are a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and quickly rose to prominence becoming one of the first band’s from Latin-America to reach audiences across the globe at such a large scale. Their success was also amplified because of their rock en tu idioma ideology, writing and performing their music in their language instead of a foreign one to enter larger markets.

The legacy of Soda Stereo is one of incredible musical prowess and pride in one’s own roots.

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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