Gone Is Gone Perform In Psychedelic TV Transmission On New Music Video

Tony Hajjar and Troy Van Leeuwe produced the new single, “Breaks” the latest single of Gone Is Gone’s upcoming album If Everything Happens for a Reason then Nothing Really Matters at All.

Gone Is Gone is composed of distinct veterans in the music industry: Troy Sanders from Mastodon in the bass/vocals; his tocayo Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens of the Stone Age on the guitar; programmer and drummer Tony Hajjar, from El Paso’s bands At The Drive-In and Sparta; and composer Mike Zarin, founder of Sencit Music, an independent sound design company for film and video game trailers.

Their newest album will reflect the culmination of their diverse ideas with a mixture of cinematic, dark, and uplifting songs the band has worked over the past three years. Besides their latest four singles distributed months ahead of the album’s release, “If Everything Happens for a Reason… Then Nothing Really Matters at All” will include eight additional tracks scheduled for its launch on December 4th. Merch and pre-order of the album are available at Clouds Hill music label’s website.

“If Everything Happens for a Reason… Then Nothing Really Matters at All” Tracklist:

1. Resfeber
2. Say Nothing
3. Everything Is Wonderfall
4. Wings Of Hope
5. Sometimes I Feel
6. No One Ever Walked On Water
7. Death Of A Dream
8. Crimson, Chaos and You
9. Breaks
10. Payoff
11. Force Of A Feather
12. Dirge For Delusions

“My idea was to make a record that could be played by all of us in a certain fashion or even just one of us with some electronics; I really wanted the record to live in many forms,” said Hajjar, “We feel that we accomplished that it is a record that pushed us creatively. We expressed ourselves fully without any barriers or fear of what people would think.” 

“I feel it is our most solid and interesting release to date,” added Sanders.

“As musicians, we always seek to explore new sounds and push ourselves to create unique moods and atmospheres. In our eyes and ears, we have achieved this.”

By Paulette Villa

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