Jesaiah Celebrates Bilingualism & Jewish-Latina Idenitity with New Single

Jesaiah Ellice Baer, or more regularly known as simply Jesaiah, dropped the first single “Rompela y Calla” from her forthcoming album. This single is a direct result of an exploration of her Jewish-Latina identity that hit its stride on American Idol and now has taken flight as it has finally come to fruition in this debut album.

Jesaiah’s music excavates more than just genre. With this single, the Amarillo, TX, born artist shows a dive in her own identity and a focus on bilingualism unlike any other.

“Growing up as a Latina Jew, I found it very difficult to embrace my culture. I felt pressured to hide parts of myself in order to ‘fit in’ and not feel ‘less’. But now I know that I am fierce and strong and will never, ever be ashamed of who I am,” she said.

Jesaiah worked with Peruvian music producer Emmanuel André Mendives aka “Sonnemm”. This latest single is the follow up to her previous release, “Tragedy”, which is the official Spanish version of the multi-platinum “Bee Gees” hit with lyrics in Spanish.

The music video was short in Peru just before the pandemic.

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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