Mickey Leigh Announces Debut Solo LP & Single, Along with Netflix Movie

Punk-rock legend Mickey Leigh announced his debut album, Variants Of Vibe, will be out February 18th, 2022 via Wicked Cool Records under the moniker Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music. The album news comes with the first single, “No Fun Anymore“. Leigh is the brother of Ramones’ late lead vocalist, Joey Ramone.

Variants of Vibe album cover artwork.

Mickey Leigh has been at the heights of the world of punk for decades now. Having played in bands with members of the Ramones, and punk music journalist Lester Bangs, he has long since solidified his collaborative work in the genre. But now, listeners can listen to a debut album.

About the lead track, Leigh says  “It’s not uncommon for songwriters to steal bits and pieces from either their musical contemporaries or past influences. Not that I’m a big fan of his, but I decided to steal a line written by an old Roman Emperor. ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ (I came, I saw, I conquered) said Julius Caesar. The Queens (NY) interpretation – or, at least, mine – is: I came, I saw, you’re no fun anymore. Whatever it might be: if you realized something was a danger to you and left it behind -before it kicked yours – fair to say you ‘conquered’ it. In this song, it’s a healthy conquering. You came and saw it was time to conquer that demon. Don’t sue me, Caesar!

Mickey Leigh the younger sibling of Joey Ramone of the band Ramones. Mickey Leigh has been in the scene since 1985 when he released his first album called the Rattled!, then Birdland with Lester Banges in 1986 and Never in 1996. He formed his first band called the Birdlands in 1977 with Lester Bangs until Bangs death in 1982.

After the Birdlands he went on to form The Rattlers which only released one album in 1985 (Rattled!). Mickey then formed Sibling Rivalry with his brother Joey Ramone in 1994 and then his final band STOP in 1996 before taking a break. During his hiatus he continued to stay in the background scene as a producer.

About the album and the moniker, Leigh added in a press release: “As we know, things we create also variate as they mutate. Mutated Music is what we are. Our new album presents a Variant of Vibe. This may sound complicated, but, it’s only rock n roll. and we love it and don’t want to see it become extinct! Mutated Music = Rescuing Rock ‘n Roll, One Song At a Time.”

Additionally, his memoir entitled I Slept with Joey Ramone: A Punk Rock Family Memoir, is being adapted into a movie which will feature Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

Mutated Music is the name of his solo project, though he is joined by musicians Drummer Pat Carpenter and Bassist Westly P. Crawford.

By AJ Imai

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