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GØGGS ‘Pre-Strike Sweep,’ Album Review

“GØGGS’ second album, “Pre-Strike Sweep” is a retro throwback to how garage rock
used to be.”

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La Luz, ‘Floating Features,’ Album Review

Los Angeles surf rock band, La Luz, is back with their third album titled Floating Features. Mixing in some lush 1960’s pop guitars, grooving bass, and tight drums make for a very relaxing and mellow listen. La Luz knows fairly well that they are not treading new waters or even adding a new twist to the surf rock genre itself, instead they fully embrace the time they are given to bask in the sunshine.

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Arctic Monkeys, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino,’ Review

Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys finally make their long awaited comeback with the highly
anticipated Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. Avoiding releasing any single prior to release and only offering the most brief teases, Arctic Monkeys opted to let their fans dive into these oddly titled songs with a complete fresh perspective. With AM being five years ago, do the Arctic Monkeys successfully return the scene with ease and wit that we’ve come to expect?

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Pilots of Venus, ‘Lady Astronaut’ Album Review

It’s finally here. After so much anticipation in their hometown, and a impressive sold out album release show at the Lowbrow Palace in El Paso, Texas, Pilots of Venus have released their debut album entitled Lady Astronaut.  This is an impressive debut LP. Right from the opening seconds, Pilots of Venus essentially stomp as hard as possible on the gas and embark in break-neck speed trip through 90’s inspired alternative rock. Taking cues from Pixies, Nirvana, and punk rock in general, this nine-track list is incredibly astonishing as well as nostalgic in a sense.

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Vexxed, ‘Thank You Sooo Much’, Review

Vexxed is a trio from Philadelphia. Within the five track setlist of this EP, you will find very grooving bass riffs, drum beats that you would normally only find in hip-hop or rap, synths and guitars that resemble new wave, and vocals that drone out to create a very dreamy atmosphere.

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DRINKS, ‘Hippo Lite’ Album Review

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the team DRINKS consisting of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, have delivered their debut record entitled Hippo Lite. The album is 12 twelve track-long adventure with curious and wild experimentations that take place throughout its surprisingly short runtime.

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