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Can’t Tell Them No: An Interview with Summer Cannibal’s Jessica Boudreaux

With 2019 winding down, Portland punk-rockers Summer Cannibals celebrate not just the release of Can’t Tell Me No, their first album via Tiny Engines and with their current lineup, but are also on pace to play nearly 130 shows after almost nonstop touring.

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Club Night, ‘What Life’ Review

It becomes difficult to point out the standouts in the track listing due to the fact that each song on the album is split into sub-songs of their own, however, never taking advantage of the time they are given, Club Night fills each corner of the time they are given with beautiful instrumentation and lovely vocals to accompany.

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Tenderpunk Pioneer: illuminati hotties’ Sarah Tudzin on Her Debut Album

Sarah Tudzin, or illuminati hotties, released one of the most tender debut albums of 2018 so far, Kiss Yr Frenemies. The album is track to track, nonstop, contrasting punk riffs and gentle warm vocals.

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Weller’s Debut Album Is Out Via Tiny Engines

Weller has released a self-titled, debut album; the project which consists of Harrison Nantz, Evan Clark Moorehead and Jeremy Berkin, began when dantz moved to Philadelphia upon graduating from college and befriended Moorehead Berkin. That was the beginning of Wellers and their sound, influenced by bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Counting Crows, and Radiator Hospital.

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