Vexxed, ‘Thank You Sooo Much’, Review

Vexxed is a trio from Philadelphia. Within the five track setlist of this EP, you will find very grooving bass riffs, drum beats that you would normally only find in hip-hop or rap, synths and guitars that resemble new wave, and vocals that drone out to create a very dreamy atmosphere.

Thank You Sooo Much, cover art. 

“Mood Ring” opens the EP to a very hypnotic melody with lush instrumentation that you would come to expect on a Tame Impala song. “Heavens Away Team” also plays with the element to make for a very relaxing tune. What’s very notable is the vocal dynamics. The vocals on here are never stagnant. The melody is often changing in interesting ways to further invite the listener further down this rabbit hole. The closing portion of this song is particularly noteworthy as its bright synths help create a slight bit more energy before saying farewell.

“Prince of Darkness” plays more so with a new wave element before it gives in to an amazing psychedelic treat. The drums and bass are really full thrust here to create a groovy voyage. It is here with the closing portion that the vocals create a haunting yet warm send off. “Yr The Only One” may be the weakest link in this EP, but even its creative composition near its end will demand you to give it a second listen.

Each song on this EP is cohesive and attributes to a focused vision. The inclusion of different beats, vocal harmony, and brightly colored instrumentation all help construct a very joyous atmosphere for an eighteen minute runtime. It may borrow an idea here and there from other psychedelic artists, but each idea is implemented in such creative ways that the EP never seems like it’s too familiar. By the time the final track wraps up and waves good-bye, you may be looking back and say Thank You Sooo Much.

By Caleb Ortiz

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