Floating Features, La Luz On Their Latest Album

The L.A./Seattle band, La Luz have garnered large audiences through playing psychedelic surf pop rock sound. They are smack in the middle of a tour promoting their third album, Floating Features. Their music can expel all the stress from your body one guitar riff at a time and their latest album was no exception.

The current tour has featured bands such as Cinema Hearts and currently Summer Twins, among other bands. In an interview done via email, the band discussed the reception of the album, how the tour has been going, and what is in the near future for the band going forward.

La Luz are Shana Cleveland, Maria Li Pino, Alice Sandahl, and Lena Simon.

Question: Since the album is about dreaming- how are your dreams now? Any nightmares since the release of it?

Answer: I haven’t been keeping very good track since we finished up the album but I do remember one from a couple nights ago where I was covered in cheetah spots.

Q: Have dreams always played a part of the songwriting process for the band? Does it now or more so?

A: They’ve come up here on all the albums but this is the first time I consciously set out to pay attention to dreams and sort of let them steer the process a bit.

Q: Was this album a way of coping with the dreams? Did it have a cathartic purpose or any other influences or motivations behind it?

A: The Creature is a bit cathartic because it comes from a terrifying experience. Putting into music with my band mates brings it into the light and makes it easier to deal with. It makes me want to write guitar solos for all my terrifying experiences.

Q: How was the tour been going so far?

A: It’s been hunky dory. Meeting lots of top notch humans and playing our little hearts out.

Q: You’re playing with several bands on the tour; any you’ve worked with before or are looking forward to touring with again?

A: We love all our openers, just finished a week with Gymshorts and we’re all a bit heartbroken that we won’t get to see them shred every night anymore. This was also our second tour with Sávila and we can’t wait for the next time.

Floating Features, Cover Art.

Q: Where did the concept for the album cover come from?

A: The idea loosely came from the cover of one of my favorite album’s, Nippon Guitars by Takeshi Terauchi. The set was designed by Lauren Cordon, an amazing artist in Oakland.

Q: Any plans aside from the touring right now? Any other comments on what the reception to the album has been like, the tour, or anything in general?

A: We’ve got a European tour in September. And another west coast tour likely in the fall. After that who knows?

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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