Umi Copper “Requiem” Review

Umi Copper is a multi-instrumentalist based in L.A who is set to release his highly anticipated premiere EP titled: “Requiem.”

At only 4 songs long, the EP will hook listeners in with Umi Copper’s catchy vocals. The vocals on these four tracks sound sincere and strained, which offers a sense of sincere emotions to the subjects that are being presented. As a multi-instrumentalist, it could be so easy to pack every song with sounds and lose track of the voice of your song, however, Umi Copper shows true restraint. Instruments are expertly crafted and layered enough to offer a pleasant texture.

“Cure” offers a slower, more broken sound to mirror the disaster of finding yourself in a slump in day-to-day life. The sounds are sorrow and allow for Copper’s vocals to take the spotlight. Title-track “Requiem” is backed by a catchy and amazing drum beat that backs the theme of trying to reconnect with someone who was pushed away. The chorus sections are noticeably missing the aforementioned aggressive drum beat to present Copper’s plea for forgiveness.

In whole, Copper offers a pleasing and expertly produced premier EP. The songs are cleverly crafted allowing the listener to truly feel the subject as well as understand the emotions that went into creating each song.

By Caleb Ortiz

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