Peel Dream Magazine Announce Upcoming Album, Release Single

Peel Dream Magazine is the creation of New York musician, Joe Stevens. Their upcoming album, Modern Meta Physic, will be coming out October 5th via Slumberland Records. The band has also released the first track off the album, “Qi Velocity,” an edgy take on French Pop.

Peel Dream Magazine is an homage to BBC 1 Radio icon, John Peel. Stevens explained, “I wanted to create an outlet for subcultural wanderers- something you can subscribe to,” discussing the band.

The album was written and recorded over a four-week period in fall of 2017. Modern Meta Physic focuses on the New Age universe of the Catskills region of New York.


Modern Meta Physic Track Listing:

1. Qi Velocity
2. Shenandoah
3. Art Today
4. Wood Paneling
5. Anorak
6. Living Room
7. Levitating Between 2 Chords
8. Deetjen’s
9. Fires
10. Due to Advances in Modern Tourism
11. Interiors
12. Upper Body Calaesthetics
13. Don’t Pick Up Slackers

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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