Spain Shares First Track From Upcoming Album

Spain’s Mandala Brush will be out September 28th on Dangerbird Records and he has released first single, “Maya In the Summer.”

The album features collaborators that Spain (Josh Haden) has worked with for longtime such as Kenny Lyon, Shon Sullivan, Danny Frankel, as well as his sisters Petra and Tanya Haden. Petra and Tanya’s collaborations stretch all the way back to the first Spain album, 1995’s The Blue Moods of Spain.

Discussing the album title, Haden said. “a mandala is an ancient and sacred symbol representing the oneness of the universe. The “brush” in the context of this album is a modern and secular tool used in computer art applications. The mandala brush helps facilitate the creation of mandalas, but is never a finished mandala in and of itself.”


08/30 – Los Angeles, CA – Love Song
09/25 – Dortmund, HR – Domicil
09/27 – Zürich, CH – Bogen F
09/28 – Luxemburg, LU – De Gudde Wellen
09/29 – Turnhout, BE- De Warande
09/30 – Eupen, BE – Alter Schlachthof
10/01 – Frankfurt, DE – Brotfabrik
10/03 – Odense, DK – Dexter
10/07 – Kopenhagen, DK- Loppen
10/08 – Berlin, DE- Badehaus
10/09 – Dresden, DE – Jazzclub Tonne
10/10 – Wien, AT- Chelsea
10/11 – Zagreb, HR -Club Mochvara
10/13 – Bologna, IT – Freakout Club
10/17 – Paris, FR – Point Ephémère
10/19 – Brügge, BE – Cactus Club
10/25 – Los Angeles, CA – Love Song
11/29 – Los Angeles, CA – Love Song
12/27 – Los Angeles, CA – Love Song

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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