The Coathangers Announce New Album, “The Devil You Know”

The Coathangers are back with their sixth studio album, The Devil You Know. The album will be out on March 8th via Suicide Squeeze and to accompany the news have released the first track from the album, “Bimbo,” and its video.

The band’s own Julia Kugel said about the track, “‘Bimbo’ is a bittersweet note on love, self preservation, and letting go. It came together naturally and was one of the easiest songs to be written for the new record. In its vocal duality, ‘Bimbo’ highlights the unique vocal textures of Steph and my voices. It tells two sides of the story but still feels uplifting and positive. An acceptance of things the way they are.”

The video was shot mostly in Spain and Portugal and was edited by friend of the band’s, Nacho Montero. While the first track “Bimbo” is very exemplary of the duality of the Coathangers music especially found in this upcoming album, it is found throughout the entirety of The Devil You Know.

In a press release from the band, they state “the album title stems from an old adage whispered at a friend’s wedding. We settle when we’re afraid of the unknown. It’s a theme that runs through every song on the album, and even though the band insists they were writing songs about other peoples’ pain, they acknowledge that the old saying applies to their band as well.”

Kugel adds that “that’s been the great thing about this record. It’s been honest and confrontational… but not in a shitty way.”

1. Bimbo
2. 5 Farms
3. Crimson Telephone
4. Hey Buddy
5. Step Back
6. Stranger Danger
7. F the NRA
8. Memories
9. Last Call
10. Stasher
11. Lithium

The album will be out on CD, with a limited run of 300 cassettes, digital formats, and an initial pressing of 3,000 LPs with 500 copies on MAYDAY color vinyl, 500 on LUCKY DEVIL color vinyl (The Coathangers’ exclusive), and 2000 on BITTERSWEET color vinyl. The vinyl version includes foil on the cover of the LP jacket, a printed inner sleeve, and a download card.

By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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