Xeno & Oaklander Announce new Album, Release “Angélique”

The electro/pop duo Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride otherwise known as Xeno & Oaklander, have announced that their new album Hypnos, will be out March 8th. They also released the first track from the album, “Angélique.” 

McBride said about the album, “musically, Hypnos is a return to polyphony after several years of using strictly monophonic synthesizers. This has brought dense harmonies and a more complex counterpoint to the composition. Staying with the same equipment and processes without the inveterate compulsion to update and refashion allows for a clearly perceivable genealogy with our previous work.”

Hypnos album artwork. 
Hypnos — Track Listing: 
1. Fire And Smoke
2. Hypnos
4. Insomnia
5. The Light The Whisper
6. Altamira
7. A World Without Sun
8. Athena
By Antonio Villasenor-Baca

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