Katie Gately’s New Album is a Heartwarming Tribute

Electronic musician Katie Gately returns with her sophomore album, Loom, on February 14th. But this album has a different meaning than her first, as she dedicated it to her mother who was diagnosed with cancer while the album was made.

After productions work for serpentwithfeet and doing remixes on artists like Zola Jesus and Björk, Katie Gately announced her new album and debut on Houndstooth last November. She concurrently released the first single off the album, “Bracer.”

She worked on the album while her mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and passed away in 2018. Katie used the album to explore and deal with grief, creating the enormity in this forthcoming album which she dedicated to her mother.

Near finished with her album when her mother passed away, Katie started over around the track, “Bracer,” because it was her mother’s favorite. She started working with new and “mundane” sounds like a coffin closing, elephant trumpets, shovels digging, a machine gun, meat smacking, and a cantaloupe being stabbed.

Loom cover artwork.

About the album and the tracks, Katie said that they are “about being disoriented and wanting to check out with a substance – I used whiskey.”

Loom Tracklist:
1. Ritual
2. Allay
3. Waltz
4. Bracer
5. Rite
6. Tower
7. Flow
8. Rest

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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