New Sufis Album Out This Month

The Brooklyn duo of Calvin Laporte and Evan Smith or, the Sufis, are back with their first album in nearly two years. Double Exposure will be out January 24th on Burger Records. The news came with a two new tracks: “Outta My Mind,” and “5 AM”.

The album will be available as a limited run cassette tape and streaming on all major platforms. It is their fourth album overall and their third on Burger Records.

Double Exposure cover artwork.

Both members talked about the new tracks, Calvin Laporte saying about “5 AM,” “5 AM is a moody track we wrote inspired mostly by that dark feeling you get when you’ve stayed up all night and you’re by yourself waiting for the sun to come up.” Evan Smith added “We actually connected separate demos that both had that melancholic vibe so it was cool to hear everything come together in the end as a duet of sorts.”

Calvin also explained about “Outta My Mind,” that the song “was inspired by a conversation we had with Lee from Burger Records backstage at a Redd Kross show in NYC. He turned us on to Destroy All Monsters that night so the idea of using a vacuum cleaner on a track really stuck in my mind.”

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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