New Ty Segall Project, Wasted Shirt, Ready to Steal 2020

Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt have teamed up and together are Wasted Shirt. Their debut, Fungus II, will be out February 28th on Famous Class records.

Along with the album announcement, Wasted Shirt have shared their first single “Double the Dream,” and its stop motion video by Somer Stampley. Both Ty and Brian do vocals, the former plays bass, guitar, and harmonizer, while the latter plays drums on the album.

The album is already receiving a lot of hyper. Punk rock legend Henry Rollins said about Wasted Shirt:

“Ty’s 2019 album, First Taste, and the new Lighting Bolt album, Sonic Citadel, are easily some of the best material either entity has ever released so if these two happened to find themselves in the same recording studio, a fan just might entertain elevated expectation levels. In fact, some might actually show signs of enthusiasm, even excitement at the fact that from July 5 -13, 2018, in the air-conditioning free environs of Ty’s home studio, the duo, eventually calling themselves Wasted Shirt, wrecked the joint as thoroughly as you hoped they would.”

He continued, saying, “The album is exploding euphoria from start to finish. The more you play it, the better it kabongs you upside your head. Hectic doesn’t even begin to describe it. Brian and Ty, two mere particles in the grand scheme, collide at high speed, the technicians dive for cover, the reaction is recorded. Mutation is achieved. This is Freedom Rock. Turn up the volume. Hasten your emancipation. Sonic joy awaits.”

Fungus II cover artwork.

Fungus II Tracklist:
1. All is Lost
2. Zeppelin 5
3. Fist is my Ward
4. Harsho
5. Double the Dream
6. The Purple One
7 Fungus 2
8. Eagle Slaughters Graduation
9. Four Strangers Enter the Cement at Dusk

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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